Established back in 2015

Stackd provide far more than impressive looking websites. We offer scalable digital growth solutions that drive and retain business for our clients. 

We have expertise in a stack of brilliant back and front end tools which save everyone time and money. We are part geek, part creative and part commercial which is a rather unique combination... 

Stackd is not a one size fits all agency as we design and stack solutions for each client. And we work with a diverse bunch from the professional services, consulting, retail, ecommerce, building, hospitality, and NPO and education sectors. 

And the best bit is that whilst we are not a bargain basement service we won’t break the bank either. 


Dave Spicer

Founder & CEO

About our Founder

Creating websites that are visually striking, technically & commercially powerful is like a great music concert.

For 15 years I have been designing websites and solutions that drive sales and have been a professional jazz musician for even longer. Having a deep understanding of all elements and instruments and how they interconnect is key to deliver websites and performances that engage and inspire action.

Back in 1998 I designed my 1st website. Having strong graphic and writing skills I thought my music business would fly. But it sank as the site broke down because the developer didn’t code correctly. It was the financial and business disaster that set me on the path to learn everything I could about coding, software, email, CRM and design. I became captivated with all things ‘geeky’ and business processes.

Fast forward 20 years and 1000’s of websites later, there have not been many marketing, digital, design and sales issues I haven’t dived into and found solutions for.

Clients span large corporates, technical start-ups, retailers, hospitality and coaches. But they all share the same need to drive traffic and sales via their website in cluttered markets.

Hey launching or growing a business can be a pretty rocky ride. There are highs, lows, financial, client and marketing issues to juggle. Having run my own businesses and partnered in a few start up ventures I have gone through it all too. But the ride is easier and more successful with the right foundations and support. And smarter websites are the backbone to save time, money and attract new clients.

Finding talented and trusted suppliers is also critical. So it’s a valued part of my service offering to connect clients to other complementary services which offer specialist expertise.

I have a stack of great solutions to build websites, traffic and leads so let’s start a conversation.

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